3 Types of Sales Promotions Based on Target Market

Sales promotions are essential to the proper marketing of products and companies. There are many variations of sales promotions and listed below are the 3 kinds of Sales Promos based on target market. By identifying these types of sales promotions, you can develop a more defined campaign with higher chances of success. For these examples, we will use Uprinting.com promos as a basis. Consumer Market Directed
Possibly the most common and popular of sales promotions, consumer marketing directed sales promos are those intended to appeal to the end consumer. Consumers are exposed to sales promotions nearly every day. Recent studies have shown that sales promos do play a conscious role in the buying decision process.

For example, Uprinting promotions can offer discounts on all its products to print material end users to influence their purchasing habit.

Business Market Directed
This type of sales promotion marketing is targeted at other business entities. It is a sales promo that may propose a certain level of distributorship and other trade functions to companies. Often formal and less creative than a Consumer Market Directed Sales Promo, it works well in Business-to-business dealings. This type of sales promo can also be limiting due to the marketer’s personal network.

For example, Uprinting promotions business market directed campaign can tap into its suppliers and offer them the opportunity to carry uprinting products for a share in the profits.

Government Market Directed
Due to the wide nature of marketing communications target market, sales promos can span the identification of the Government as part of our market. Dealings with government agencies and other state related offices will require a separate marketing plan and a government market directed communications campaign for your sales promotion will best suit the project.

For example, Uprinting promotions will direct its sales promo to government units to gain favorable branding and image enhancing advantages. Uprinting can tap into the consumer market after establishing its connections with the local governing body.

More variations of sales promotions can be found using different means of measurement and definition. To learn more about the Uprinting promotions visit them online.